The Veil 2020 Gift Guide

By Veil HQ


It's that time of the year again.



2020 was.....something. We speak confidently for ourselves, and we think a lot of our friends, when we say that our cannabis consumption went WAY up this year. Nothing alarming, or even exclusively THC-based. But, between balms, tinctures, salves, flower, oils, gummies, and all the myriad ways we can now consume, cannabis has very much become a staple of our daily "stay sane" regimen.


Below we have compiled a little short list of some of our favorite cannabis-focused, and cannabis adjacent, products, brands, gifts, and generally fun gifty things. 


Mister Green Key Tag


LA based brand Mister Green known best for their “bong water” water bottles, focuses on developing a new perspective on the culture of marijuana.



Gossamer Full Set


Gossamer embraces the mindset of someone having their best high. A website filled with interviews, photo essays, and more, head over to gossamer if you need a little entertainment after a smoke session.



Sackville Rose Quartz Pipe


Sackville & Co. creates smoking accessories that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.



Edie Parker Flower Rolling Tray


Edie Parker Flower is the sister company to acrylic handbag designer Edie Parker. Flower was formed to connect the fashion industry with the world of marijuana, making home accessories that elevate “the good life”.



Gestalten High On Design


Gestalten originally started as a book publisher focusing on aesthtic books. Now, they publish books that document important moments in culture, design, architecture, and more.



Session Goods Bong


San Francisco based women led retail company, Session  was formed to embrace the changing stigma of smoking. They believe the hat while the stigma of smoking evolves, the products we use to enjoy it should as well.



Broccoli Mag Subscription


Created by cannabis loving women, Broccoli was formed to encourage the discovery and appreciation of cannabis through art culture and fashion.



Pure Beauty Beach Towel


Female and minority owned, Pure Beauty grows ethical, sustainably packaged flower grown in California. From cannabis cigarettes to funky sweatpants Pure Beauty is simply one of those companies you have to checkout.



Veil =)


You already know what it is! Veil comes in two sizes – 8oz and 2oz, fits beautifully inside of a gift bag or box, is unanimously easy on the nose, and looks great in your home.