How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Your Clothing

By Veil HQ


How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Your Clothing


Pot smokers come in all shapes and sizes: Dabblers (and dabbers), recreationalists, novices, professionals, med-heads, and straight up stoners. Despite different walks of life, means to ends, preferred combustibles, and overarching aesthetics all of these people have one simple thing in common – weed stanks. 


Without getting too scientific, terpenes are released from dried cannabis when combusted, creating that familiar odor that we all have come to know. When weed is smoked, that smoke becomes your classic stage five clinger. The terpenes from marijuana smoke attach to all different types of fabric and fibers; furniture, carpets, furry walls (if you’re into that), hair, and, most typically, the fibers in the clothes you wear. Here we unpack that last point in great detail!


Clothing Types


To start, try to wear items of clothing that are manufactured with natural materials rather than synthetic. Many argue you should do this anyway to help with the *ahem* environment,  and, added bonus, there’s less of a chance for icky chemicals to seep into your skin. More broadly, when it comes to lingering smells, synthetic is a no-go. 


Synthetic fibers allow for smells to attach to them more easily than natural fibers do, even after a couple of washes. You may know this from that Nike Dri-Fit tee shirt sitting in the back of your dresser that still smells like the mat from that experimental workout class went to that one time because they were doing a free class thing. You could also always go with the option of birthday suit smoke sessions as well; added bonus if you’re out of doors. At Veil we are absolutely not ones to judge.


Washing Techniques 


If you’ve reached the point in your weed-smelling and / or smoking life wherein you have arrived at this article, we’re going to jump to the wild conclusion that you’ve tried washing the weed smells out of your clothes. If not, DO THAT! But, if so and there is still a lingering odor, there are ways to adjust your wash to get rid of odors more easily. 


First, try washing your clothes in extra hot water…just make sure to read the tag on your clothing to prevent them from shrinking, bleeding, or otherwise. Another method is washing your clothes with your white vinegar – whatever you have around the house will do – along with laundry detergent. Vinegar has a component in it called acetic acid which can help to remove overpower unwanted smells. If the vinegar doesn’t do the job, we’re calling in reinforcements! Adding either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to your wash are said to do the trick, when all else fails.


Outdoors and Filters 


Going back to the basics, smoking a blunt outside in fresh air, or hanging clothes outside to air out are also easy ways to allow the terpenes in cannabis smoke to diffuse. If the great outdoors are not your thing, smoking inside a bathroom while running the shower is always a good go-to. The steam from the shower combines with the smoke – water molecules diffusing those of the smoke. If your bathroom has a fan or good ventilation, that smokey steam will glide right out of there like the ghost of Mr. Burns. 


An alternative to smoking in a homemade steam bath is smoking into a sploof; that is essentially a DIY air filter. If you aren’t about getting your hands dirty, our friends at Smoke Buddy make a portable, reasonably-priced, easy-to-use device that has mucho R&D behind it. That said, sploofs inherently get quite a lot of wear-and-tear over time, so we certainly recommend the DIY option for ease of construction as compared to price.


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Veil (DUH)


Just as a quick reminder, that Veil is clothing safe – non-staining, non-toxic, and completely fabric friendly. So if you don’t have some already (??), be sure to order some and try it out! 


We worked our butts off to figure out the best ways for our product to remove the smell of weed,  on a molecular level no less. So along with spraying the area that you are smoking in, try spraying your clothing. Real talk, we have even had customers review our product by saying that when they or their friends are “too weedy” they will do a Veil “spraydown!” And poof – no more weed stank.