About Veil

We created Veil with the rapidly-changing culture in mind. Cannabis has become a part of everyday life, and while we love the way it makes us feel, not everyone is as keen on its lingering smell. As considerate smokers ourselves, we were disappointed after trying most weed odor eliminators on the market — they either didn’t work, smelled awful, or were chock-full of harmful ingredients (or in most cases, all of the above). With this in mind, we set out to create a non-toxic and design-conscious spray that would effectively get rid of marijuana odor (and smell great itself, too). Working with a team of talented chemists, we spent the better part of a year developing a formula that breaks down the molecules in cannabis smoke – not simply obscuring, but eliminating their stench. We paired this with an essential oil fragrance based in the principles of real perfumery.



Noah Kotlove, Co-Founder

Noah was born and raised in Syracuse before making his way to the Philadelphia, where he studied entrepreneurship at Wharton. After graduation, Noah moved to New York, where he worked with a variety of startups before launching his first company: an app for people in Alcoholics Anonymous. Even though he worked in the recovery space, he was actually a recreational cannabis user. Noah got more and more conscious about how the smell of cannabis would linger in his apartment or on his clothes. After trying virtually every product on the market to no avail, the idea for Veil was born. 

Spencer Joynt, Co-Founder

Spencer grew up in Washington, D.C., eventually relocating to Austin to study advertising and business at the University of Texas. Now based in Brooklyn, Spencer has worked the full range of design jobs – from small studios to agencies to in-house — with big-time brands like Hims, Momofuku, and Gin Lane. He went on to set up his own shop in 2016 and is now a Partner and Creative Director at Alright Studio. Already friends and occasional collaborators, Noah approached Spencer to join him in building Veil, tapping his creative talent to bring the brand to life.