Cannabis & Anxiety

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Cannabis and Anxiety 


Let’s start with a basic level understanding of CBD and THC – the active ingredients in the cannabis plant. We’re sure you’ve heard of both. These compounds attach to the receptors in your brain and create different effects. CBD is best known to have therapeutic benefits and effects, for instance acting as an anti-inflammatory and or curbing anxiety. 


Although technically therapeutic, THC is more known for its psychological and psychoactive effects, which often lead to that characteristic “high”. Depending on the person, THC can lead to racing thoughts and an increased heart rate which is (obviously) not good for anxiety.


Surveys have shown that many people consume cannabis to help with their short term social anxiety, stress, and depression. Medically, cannabis is mostly used to reduce pain, but, often, only as a short term solution. There are few-to-no studies that prove cannabis has long-term benefits as a therapeutic when it comes to abating anxiety, yet there are many studies that prove the benefits of CBD detailed here. 


Blending and balancing THC with CBD is where things can start to get tricky, but also exciting. As a baseline metric, when deciding what you would like to ingest (smoke, eat, dab, drop, etc.) to help with your anxiety, CBD is going to be your friend. Look for products that are either purely CBD (legal in all 50 states), or products that have ratios weighted in favor of – e.g. 4 CBD : 1 THC. Products that are formulated to maximize CBD benefits – with a bit of THC for light psychoactivity – are less likely to lead to those racing thoughts that we all dread.


If you are new to cannabis, we ~ highly ~ suggest purchasing it from a legal and regulated dispensary. Depending on which coast you’re on, there are a number of states where cannabis is entirely recreationally legal (here’s a helpful resource). Buying from a legal and regular cannabis retailer will ensure that the products you’re purchasing, and consuming, do indeed reflect the ratios presented to you on their packaging. 


It is important to start off slow and with small amounts, taking time to wait and see how the cannabis will affect you. If you are smoking or eating a product with THC for the first time, make sure that you are in a comfortable setting with someone else – preferably someone who has experienced a high before. If you’re wary, start with something that barely has any THC content. There are plenty of products that check this box. 


Each individual goes through a different experience with cannabis. It could take a few experiences to start to understand your body, what you like, and how it feels to be “high.” Start slowly, keep track of your consumption, and with time and intention you will be able to figure out your “perfect high” for alleviating anxiety and stress.


We like to use CBD-heavy products when winding down after the workday, when tomorrow looms heavy, or on a Sunday after a long weekend. Here are some we love and others we are excited to try!




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