“I love your product. It works great, I love the smell, and the bottle has a nice aesthetic.” – Eric

"Rather than mask the smell of cannabis smoke, Veil’s OG Room Spray eliminates burnt terpene molecules in the air." – Cool Hunting

“Hey Veil! We LOVE your product!! It smells soooo good, and I'm picky. So I had no genuine expectations when we ordered our first bottle. But WOW it's been so effective!" – Jennifer

“I just have to say: YOU. FOLKS. ROCK!! I just put in another order and, well, thank you.” – John

"Veil is the first odor-eliminating spray designed to target cannabis smell. Or at least, the first to do it well" – Apartment Therapy

“Hello Veil Friends! I’m am writing because I love your product and just purchased my third and fourth bottles.” – Diana

“My girlfriend says my car has a signature "odor" that can't be masked and when I used some Veil in there she said it smelled like a brand new vehicle!” – Michael

"This room mist is straight from the uncanny valley: lending smell and offering to eliminate it at the same time. What Veil aims to dispel is lingering cannabis odor, purportedly breaking it down at the molecular level. (It’s worth a try for other uses, too.) What remains is a wholesome mix of cedar, orange, and black pepper." – Vanity Fair
"[When you spray Veil] you’re left with the scent of sweet orange, black pepper, and cedar wood—i.e. it’s delightful enough to make you want to spray it even when you’re stone cold sober." – Men's Journal

“I recently picked up your OG spray and I already LOVE it so much.” – Ari

“I’m amazed at how well Veil works… resin has such a strong odor and you carry that smell in your hair and on your clothes everywhere. Veil knocks that smell way back” – Richard

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“I recently tested out your spray and was blown away. It truly is a game-changer for someone like me, who lives with roommates.” – Nathan