weed smell in your car

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Your Car

By Veil HQ

weed smell in your car

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Your Car


Despite what the title might suggest, let’s be clear from the get-go: do not drive stoned. You should absolutely not drive while under the influence of cannabis, and, we don’t endorse doing so whatsoever. With that (hopefully) obvious disclaimer out of the way, let’s face some facts: there are the inevitable times where you might store or smoke weed in your car. Home for the holidays or going to the movies with friends? Speaking from personal experience, it is way too cold to smoke outside where Veil is headquartered – in New York City – for, like, ¾ of the year. And, our life partners have instituted a “don’t ask, don’t smell” policy when it comes to pot in and around the house.


Whatever life circumstances have led to you smoking in the backseat of your Corolla, the smell of marijuana will likely linger there for quite awhile. While you might not mind that distinct cannabis odor, your friends, your mom, or your local law enforcement probably feel differently! Never fear — we’re here with some helpful tips on how to get rid of weed smell in your car, ranging in intensity depending on how stinky your problem is.


Masking Weed Odor


Don’t take a fire hose to a water balloon fight. If you’ve merely been transporting your stash or have just taken a few discreet hits from a small piece or a vape in your car, you probably don’t have to go to any great lengths to get rid of the smell of weed. Before running out to buy a new product or undertaking a big odor removal project, try simply masking the odor with something far more pungent first to see if that does the trick.


In these circumstances, when the cannabis odor I’m trying to remove isn’t especially strong, I’ve had success with personal fragrances like cologne or perfume, your standard car fresheners or plugins, or my favorite strategy: strong-smelling takeout food. What better way to get rid of the faint marijuana smell in your car than with some chicken tikka masala or shrimp pad thai (or both, no judgment here). Or, crazy idea, how’s about we keep it simple – open your windows and go for a drive? 




Eliminating Weed Odor


I get it, you’re at the point where you’re looking to the internet for solutions to the weed smell in your car, so the above suggestions for merely masking the odor probably won’t cut it. If you’ve done any significant amount of smoking in your car, you’re going to have to go to greater lengths to get rid of the smell of weed smoke. 


The part of the cannabis plant that you actually smoke is the flower, and much like other types of flowers, it’s packed with ‘terpenes’ that produce intense odor (especially when burned). When you smoke marijuana in such a small, confined area like your car, these smelly molecules essentially get trapped in the air and surfaces of your interior. To truly get rid of the smell of weed, you’ll need a chemical reaction — that’s where odor eliminator sprays come in handy.


There’s no shortage of sprays on the market that claim to eliminate cannabis odor. Proceed with caution when shopping though, as most of these products are largely ineffective. That’s not the case with one spray that stoners have sworn by for years called Ozium. In fact, Ozium is traditionally marketed as an odor eliminator for your car. While Ozium might be more effective than other products, the reason why it is so efficient is because it is packed with chemicals and toxic ingredients that can be super harmful to humans. There are intense warnings on the Ozium label about inhaling or getting the product on your skin, and it even instructs you to wear protective eyewear when you spray it! 


Because I couldn’t find an odor eliminator spray that was both effective and safe, we actually created my own: Veil. Veil is the weed smell spray for the modern cannabis consumer, made with non-toxic ingredients that actually eliminate the odor of marijuana and fragranced with organic essential oils that smell delightful. 


Veil bonds with the odorous molecules in marijuana and changes their complexion, making them odorless to the human nose. After you smoke, spray it in the air and on the interior fabric in your car to get rid of the marijuana odor. 


Absorbing Weed Odor


If you’ve made a habit of hotboxing consistently over an extended period of time, even the most powerful weed odor eliminator spray probably isn’t going to totally get rid of the smoke smell in your car. And that’s coming from the creator of a weed smell spray! The reality is, it’s going to take more than a spray product to eliminate deep-seated cannabis odor from the fibers of your car’s interior — you’re going to need to treat the fabric and surfaces with a substance that’s going to absorb the smells.


There are a few options that you probably have at your immediate disposal at home: coffee grounds or baking soda. Baking soda is the more powerful odor absorber (you’ve probably used it before to absorb unwanted smells in your fridge), but use whichever you have on hand. A lot of folks say that you can rid your car of smells by simply placing a large, open container of baking soda or coffee grounds in your car and leaving it overnight, but I’ve had more success generously sprinkling either substance all over the inside of the vehicle. It makes for quite a bit of cleanup, but hey, you want to get rid of the weed smell right? With this method, a powerful handheld vacuum is going to be your best friend — leave the baking soda or coffee grounds that you’ve sprinkled around to sit for at least 15 minutes, then vacuum it all up.


If you’re really motivated to get rid of the weed smell in your car, you can also try the same method but with more expensive substances like activated charcoal or pet odor removers. With pet odor products, though, be extra careful when applying and cleaning up, as they typically contain some pretty gnarly ingredients that can be toxic for humans or animals alike.


Get Ahead of the Problem


Aside from not smoking in it at all, the best way to get rid of the weed smell in your car is to stay on top of the problem. Don’t let the odor build up session after session until you have a serious stank on your hands. As we never say at Veil but will start saying now that we just thought of it, a spritz in time saves nine.