Weed odor eliminator in bathroom

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Your Bathroom

By Noah Kotlove

Weed odor eliminator in bathroom

How to Eliminate Weed Smell in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a storied place to burn one down. Whether it’s before Thanksgiving dinner, or, merely, a discrete, cozy space for you to elevate yourself –– the bathroom is one of those stereotypical pot places in which we have probably all found ourselves chiefing at some point. For the Veil team, it was a classic high school hiding spot. Both for consumptive activities, but also for hiding smelly paraphernalia. We learned a few things along the way, most of it done the hard way. Here’s a cut down of some techniques that we found enormously helpful in getting rid of odors, smoke or otherwise.

Keep the Shower On

When it comes to getting rid of smoke smells, steam is inevitably your friend. A hot, steamy shower running for the duration of your session will absolutely have positive implications on any lingering odors. Just toss a towel down by the door to really **box** yourself in there, and have at it. Added bonus: You can play off your session as you spending 30 minutes in the bathroom taking a long, luxurious shower. Those red eyes? Must be all the steam.

In fact, steam works almost in the same way that a handy-dandy little product called Veil does, when it comes to eliminating smoke odor. Evaporated water molecules bond with, and diffuse, smoke molecules –– getting rid of smoke on, that’s right, a molecular level. If you really want to ensure that you’re left with an odor-free bathroom, incorporate some soap or shampoo into that shower. Replacing bad odors with good, and all of that.

Remove All Fabrics

Funny enough, most bathrooms are actually built from materials that inherently bounce or deflect odors (I wonder why that would be……..). What will actually absorb or retain smoke smells are things like bath mats, towels, wash cloths, bath robes, etc. In fact, a lot of these items will really absorb odor, as they are made of soft, fibrous, plushy fabrics. So just get all of that stuff out of there.

This doesn’t always work for a subtle session (say, before Thanksgiving dinner in the family powder room). But, if you’re at a hotel looking to chief one or the bathroom at your house is the most lowkey place to smoke, this is a good technique. Also, this is a technique that can basically be combined with anything else in this post. You’re always going to benefit from not having fabrics surrounding you while you smoke, if odor is a concern. This includes fabrics on your body –– that’s right, smoke naked.



Burn a Candle / Use an Oil Diffuser

Use anything, really, that replaces bad odor with a good smell. It’s intuitive, and somewhat obvious, but absolutely works. Just keeping one of these guys going will have outsized effects, especially within the confines of a bathroom. The limited space will trap any odor, good or bad. 

Bonus points for keeping the fan on. This will remove all odors, bad ones AND good ones mind you But, the candle or oil diffuser being, likely, the more recent odor –– will ultimately replace the pernicious smoke odor. And in relatively short order.

Leave the Fan On

Building off of the above point, just leave the fan on. Like, for a while. Bathroom fans aren’t typically the most effective, especially for those of us living in New York City apartments. But, they do circulate air. Which is something. 

Additionally, if you blow your smoke directly into the fan this ordinarily is pretty guaranteed to, if not eliminate, at least significantly abate smoke odor. The less smoke contained within the actual confines of the bathroom, the more you will win.

Use Veil :)

Oh, did we mention that we make an odor eliminating spray specifically engineered for getting rid of cannabis odors? How silly of me to gloss over that. Well, yes. Veil is non-toxic, eco-friendly, smells great, and is proven to get rid of smoke odor in any situation. 

We worked our butts off to figure out the best ways for our product to remove the smell of weed.  On a molecular level, no less. So, along with spraying the area that you are smoking in, try spraying your clothing, fabrics in your bathroom, the area right outside of the bathroom, et. al. Veil doesn’t linger, so you can’t overdo it. The more you spray, the more effective it is. So go off!