weed storage

How to Store Weed, Without the Smell

By Veil HQ

weed storage

The Smell Report: How to Store Weed, Sans Smell


As you may – or may not – already know, our thing is odor elimination. However, one does not always need to take a reactive approach in order to smoke, and smell, great. In this article we’ll break down a few proactive methods for covering up the wonderful, but divisive, smell of cannabis.


At Veil, we champion prevention as much as we do mitigation. This article spans methods for prior, midst, and post session. While Veil is a great solution for covering up smells before (and after!) you combust, we have a few other simple suggestions to make sure your loud remains, relatively, quiet.


Mason Jars


“Air tight” is absolutely critical when it comes to covering up the odor of flower – or any cannabis, for that matter. You want to make sure that you seal that stuff away such that not a *breath* of stunk-up air is exiting your vessel.


We like Mason Jars for their price point, and relative availability (hello, Amazon). You can find them at most grocery stores, and they can hold up to several ounces of…whatever. Their proprietary lid creates a “hermetic” (def. complete and airtight) seal. And, if you need to store a quantity for a lengthy duration, just place the Mason Jar in boiling water after its filled for a durable “heat seal.”


Re-Sealable Pouches 


Our good friends at Another Room were some of the first folks, who we saw, innovating on the idea of the smell proof pouch. Theirs isn’t 100% discreet – given the messaging ;) – but it is absolutely effective. 


Pouches are also an excellent smell-proofing solution because of their easy portability, and ability to contain both small and large quantities of cannabis. One size can certainly fit most.


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Cannabis-Specific Stash Jars


Don’t trust the Mason Jar, or want to get super-specific with your smell coverage? Head on over to Session Goods, who have been painstakingly building out a suite of products that complement your consumption before, during, and after your sesh.


Their Stash Jar is sleek, utilitarian, and could hang-out as comfortably on a nightstand or on a dresser as it could hide within a drawer. Regardless of where you stash it, this Stash Jar is going to keep you under the radar.


Sprays / Diffusers / Potpourri / Candles 


Rather than containing the smell of cannabis, you can also cover it – whether via other, more powerful fragrances or deliberately engineered products that use chemistry, perfumery, and other alchemical approaches to get rid of weed odors.


First, of course, there’s Veil. While originally formulated for eliminating cannabis smoke odors, it also works well at covering up uncombusted cannabis. With Veil, a bout of spray equates directly to the elimination of your desired odor, almost proportionally. And if that odor persists, more spray must duly be deployed. With that in mind, we would recommend it as more of a temporary solution – getting the smell of flower out of a room after you’ve made a purchase, for instance. 


An alternative, and more long-lasting, approach is a fragrance diffuser. French luxury fragrance brand Byredo produces a bundle, featuring the fragrance house’s most famous scents, that is said to last long and really add smell to a space. This way, you aren’t weed – you’re smelling anything but weed.